The word “nipple” is the most liberally used word in my household. The following are some common examples:


1) “Abby, will you go wash some nipples”?


2) “Hey, this nipple is leaking”…


3) “This nipple is too big, I think. It gags her”


4) “I don’t think she likes these nipples. They’re shaped funny”


5) “I can never tell if these nipples are turned the right way”


6) “Get me a different one. This nipple doesn’t smell clean”


7) “Abby, you need to clean these nipples better…..they’ve still got stuff on them”


*) “Why are we missing so many nipples”?


9) “I got some new nipples at Wal-Mart today; I think she’ll like them better”


10) “I think the hole in this nipple is too big, and it’s making her choke”


Ok…..I’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve got some growing to do. But seriously…. how does anyone say any of those with a straight face? I’m giggling like a little girl just thinking about it..

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