It’s not a race issue. It’s an integrity issue.

I posted the hilariously ridiculous story of Rachel Dolezal on my personal page a few days ago. My intentions were to leave it alone on TDD just to avoid racial division and arguments on here. Because that stuff sucks to referee, and that’s not really the point of TDD. But who are we kidding? You guys know I can’t keep my opinion to myself. 
I was actually doing pretty good until today. To me, it was just a story of a lady that lied. To everyone. To her friends. To her employers. To the community that she represented. Everyone. 
A person like this is generally considered a con artist. Someone that is a criminal. Someone that cannot be trusted. I mean, this wasn’t just a small lie. It wasn’t a simple omission of the truth. It was as big of a lie as you can tell. She lied about it everyday. She placed layer after layer of lies and deceit about who she was as a person. It’s difficult to think of a more elaborate scheme to deceive those around you. So who cares? Fire her and move on, right?
Of course it wasn’t that simple. And a week passed before she finally came forward with a dazzling 1,500 word thesis declaring her “resignation” because her “family legal matters” were taking the focus away from the important issues.” “Family legal matters”??? This has NOTHING to do with your families legal matters. It has to do with your entire life being a complete falsity. How you have gone this long pretending to be a “woman of color” without being caught just shows how carefully you attempted to deceive and cover your tracks for all these years. 
But what really set me off today, are the people who are taking up for her and all of the “great things she has done”, and “what a good person she was” and how “the NAACP unfairly fired her because of the color of her skin.” Etc, etc. 
Oh my GAWD you guys. I can’t even. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but the stupidity still catches me off guard sometimes. Do you think if your employer found out that you had lied on a fairly important piece of information on your application that you’d get to keep your job? What about if the lie completely undermined your integrity, which of course would immediately undermine the integrity and honesty of the organization that you represent? 
OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE YOUR JOB! You have been living a fake life for over a decade! Do you know the definition of a sociopath is? Here you go:


“A person with antisocial personality disorder. Probably the most widely recognized personality disorder. A sociopath is often well liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do. They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments. Though some sociopaths have become murders, most reveal their sociopathy through less deadly and sensational means.”

At this point, it would be easier to try and count the times that she has told the truth, than the times that she has lied. And isn’t it important that the “voice” of an organization whose aim is to “advance” a particular group of people, be seen as honest and truthful? Is integrity no longer an important criteria? 

If there is ever an NAAFP (National Association for the Advancement of Freckled People) I’d like for them to be an honest person that will represent the freckled folks as honorably as possible. And they also damn well better have a freckle or two. If I find out that they went and had some freckles tattooed on their nose or shoulders, I’m gonna have a real hard time following their leadership.  

I read a comment earlier that said “if people can be gay, then she should be able to be black.” Ok. Exactly how dumb are you? That’s not even remotely the same thing. “Ok everybody. I’m Russian now. I mean, I have zero Russian bloodlines, but I love vodka and brunette’s with high cheekbones, so….I’m Russian now.” 
That’s not something you get to choose. There’s a BIG difference between identifying with someone and having a heart to help them, and actually BEING someone.
She fabricated stories about hate mail that she received. She fabricated stories of acts of racism just to get attention. She pretended to be someone that she wasn’t.
She lost her job because she’s a liar, a con artist, and quite possibly a sociopath. Not because she’s white. 

And she damn well deserved it. 

10 thoughts on “It’s not a race issue. It’s an integrity issue.”

  1. 1. She lied. 2. She got caught. 3. She got fired. One, two, three….that simple.

    It does not matter who you are or what you do, when you make practice of deceiving people you will be found out and you will pay the consequences.

  2. She is just like our politicians. Lie lie lie
    Nothing surprises me anymore.
    Sad but true. As grandpa use to say…
    That was a Whopper!

  3. I know the basics of this story, but I seem to have missed a very important part: How did she convince people she is black? HOW did she get her hair to do that? She doesn’t look remotely African-American, in my opinion.

  4. I came across your blog post, this is my first time reading it. I think this couldn’t had been said better. I feel bad that so many people were deceived. They say the good Lord takes care of Children and Fools. At first I thought who could mistook this loon for an African American but, then I realized the world has changed so much and there are so many interracial people maybe people just was like “Yeah we will go with it.” Race is such a touchy subject -especially with recent events in America with the police that you just don’t want to poke the bear. But portraying to be someone that your not in a position to support a specific race of people you just can’t do. I understand people lie all the time about small things, the weight on your Identification or your age on an application but that to me is just plain disrespect to a race of people. That’s like me saying I am an American American Katrina victim, it is again taking a touchy emotional and political issue and putting ownership to for fraudulent purposes. No one is perfect but some things you can’t come back from. It really doesn’t matter what she did positive because too much negative energy is their. I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and come visit me at sometime we would love to have you!

  5. My mother, Christine Lawson Mitchell, was your grandmother’s first cousin. She also passed away with ALS in 2000. I used to visit Claude and Clarice June and stayed a week on the ranch one time. I rode horses everyday with your Uncle Larry. I had horses but it was much more fun on the ranch. In later years, after your granny and my mother were gone we had moved back to Sapulpa to see my mothers home and my husband and I would go play Skipbo with Claude and Virginia. We had a great time. So glad to have read your story of growing up on the ranch. It’s a great place! God Bless I live in Millsap Texas just west of Weatherford. Come see me sometime. Terry Mitchell Caruthers

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