Top 10 Signs That You’ve Watched ‘Frozen’ Too Many Times


10) While taking a shower, you randomly yell out to your wife in the other room, if she thinks that Elsa NEVER comes out of her room to see Anna, or if she just doesn’t come out very often.


9) Your new insult to people is to call them the “Duke of Weasel-town”


*) If your daughter were to ever bring home someone named Hans, your first instinct is to punch them right in the freakin’ face.

hans punch

7) You often wonder why Hans and Anna finish each other’s “sandwiches”.


6) When Anna is asking Elsa if she wants to build a snowman, and Elsa tells her to go away, you have to struggle to hold back tears, when Anna says “ok, byeeee”. I’ve never wanted to hug someone so bad.

ok bye

5) While driving down the road, you randomly say “Buwoohooo! Big Summer Blowout. Half off svimsuits, clogs, and a sun balm of my own invention….yah?”

summer blowout

4) You have an overwhelming desire to correct Kristoff, and tell him that not ALL men eat their boogers. And then you cringe. Because apparently, Kristoff eats his boogers.

picks nose

3) Every time you hug your kids, you say “Hi! I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs!”
2) You’ve got a weird crush on Elsa, because she’s so pretty, and handles her whole situation with such control and grace, for so long, and stays away from her sister, even though it’s so hard, just because she loves her so much and wants to keep her safe, and because she’s really hot for a cartoon lady…..wait….what?
1) You giggle uncontrollably every time Anna sings “why have a ballroom with no balls?!”


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