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Mom’s Spa Day

Some people are just born to be parents. They fall effortlessly into the parenting routine as though they’ve been doing it all of their lives. The feeding, burping, diaper changing, bathing, and getting these tiny people dressed in the itsy bitsy, impossible onesies with buttons, zippers and flaps out the wazoo can be unbelievably overwhelming. Yet some of these super-parents seem to perform these daily obstacles as easily as Mary Lou Retton doing a cartwheel. Continue reading Mom’s Spa Day

Who Needs A Toilet?

Today being our first day back home from our Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma, we tried to get Gracee back on track with the potty training.

We took her diaper off of her this morning, and for a while she just ran around with her bare butt shining for everyone to see. She said she needed to go potty no less than a dozen times. Continue reading Who Needs A Toilet?