Gracee <3 Big Boobies

April had a lady come to the house to do her eyelashes this evening, so I took Gracee with me to Walmart to get a few things while they were doing it so they could have some peace.

We went to the bedding area because we needed some bed risers for Abby’s bed. Gracee and I talk to each other pretty much non stop. So we walked up and down the aisles just jabbering back and forth to each other. I had stopped and was looking up and down the shelves, when a woman walked up beside us. Gracee was still jabbering at me when she looked over at her. I hadn’t yet looked at her, until I heard Gracee say loudly, “Daddy, BIG BOOBIE! DADDY, BIG BOOBIE, BIG BOOOOBIEEEE!”

My head snapped around at her and then to the lady standing beside us. It was, um….pretty clear about what she was referring to. The ol’ gal was pretty top heavy. I felt the blood drain from my face as I looked at her. She smiled so big at Gracee and I, then she said, “Are you having fun with your daddy? Is your daddy a big baby??? Are you calling your daddy a big baby???”

For a brief moment, I didn’t understand. But then it hit me! She didn’t get it! She thinks she’s calling me a big baby. Not saying “BIG BOOBIES!” For good measure, Gracee yells one more time, “BIIIIIGGGG BOOBIESSSSS! The lady just laughs and said, “Y’all are so cute.” And then she turned and walked away.

Gracee turns and looks at me with the most devious little smile and a twinkle in her blue eyes. Then she said quietly, “Daddy….big boobies.”

I guess I should just be glad that she didn’t reach out and poke them, like she does her mom.

Thanks a lot, Junebug

gracee goggles.

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