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Welcome to The Daddy Diaries! My name is Stoney, and I am your humble host. I am the 35 year old husband to April, and Dad to three daughters. Abby is 14, Emma is 10 and little Gracee is 1.5. I live in a world filled with estrogen, emotions, screaming, crying, laughing, giggling, and lots and lots of love.

Let me back up a tad, and lay down some irony for you. I was once VERY opposed to ever having children of my own. I swore up and down, to friends and family and anyone else who dared to ask, that I would never have children. Ever. I was confident that this was what I wanted for my life. However, I didn’t anticipate meeting this really hot chick that I had actually known since I was 10 years old, and then really liking her, and then falling in love with her. And I REALLY didn’t anticipate her having two daughters.

So, it was kind of a package deal. And then, I didn’t anticipate liking her girls so much, and then falling in love with them. And then, I didn’t anticipate that we would get married, and then we would decide to have another baby. And then I didn’t anticipate that this baby would be ANOTHER girl. And then I didn’t anticipate that this little girl would be the most beautiful thing that I have ever laid eyes on.

1456696_602626393132801_1931452776_nI never, ever anticipated that I would someday be THIS guy. This husband and dad to these four amazing girls. I never anticipated that someday, I could be rendered speechless by the sweet kisses from a baby, or to be told “I love you”, for the very first time from your “step” daughter (although we don’t use that word, they are definitely my daughters). I also never anticipated how hard it can be to raise kids, or how absolutely hilarious it can be, or how much fun it is.

And I never anticipated how much I would enjoy getting to share ALL of this, with thousands of readers, everyday. I hope you enjoy reading about our crazy journey!


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  1. Wow ! What a wonderful life you have. All Girls! Your awesome! Reading your story only proves that there’s nothing like the Love of not just one woman but 4 amazing ladies. Happy New Year to you and your sweet ladies. It’s nice to see a man that truly loves his wife and makes all little girls wish you were their daddy.

  2. I was wondering how, someone goes about nominating someone for your Christmas give away..I messaged you before on your personal Facebook page and have seen that you never read it..I have had problems with my messaging app, ..hoping to hear from you soon, so that I know you get this…from LG myself…

  3. Was hoping to ask you this question in a pm but can’t find where to connect that way. Hope you dont mind I ask you here…. can you please explain the way you see colors and what yellow means to You?
    I’ve been trying to explain it but can’t find your picture where you explained it best :)

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